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Eyelift Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Do sagging eyelids make you look tired or interfere with your vision?
When to consider Eyelift Surgery

It’s said that your eyes are the window to your soul. If heavy eyelids due to genetics or aging make you look more sleepy than expressive, it might be time to consider having your eyes surgically lifted.

Dr. Robinson performs eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, on patients with droopy eyelids that impair their vision and on those who wish to regain a more youthful appearance by eliminating that “just out of bed” look. This procedure corrects the problem areas that can develop around your eyes over time – droopy upper lids, puffiness and under-eye bags – and leave you looking more alert and well rested, and in some cases, with remarkably improved range of vision.

Dr. Ernest B. Robinson is a Board Certified Specialist in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery with more than 20 years of experience performing personalized cosmetic surgery procedures on his patients from Orange County and beyond. If you’re considering eyelift surgery, contact Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery in Aliso Viejo to request a consultation. Call, email or complete this form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robinson to discuss the treatments available to reach your individual corrective or cosmetic enhancement goals.

Communicating your goals for this procedure
Surgical techniques to achieve your desired outcome
Recuperating after your Eyelift Surgery
Expected results from this procedure
Answers to Common Questions about Eyelift Surgery
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Communicating your goals for this procedure

Eyelift plastic surgery can involve removing excess fatty tissue, muscle, or skin from your upper and lower lids, which will firm the area around your eyes to create a more refreshed appearance. During a consultation appointment, you and Dr. Robinson will discuss in detail your motivation for considering an eyelift, your desired outcome and realistic expectations for this procedure.

After taking your complete medical history and examining your eyelids, Dr. Robinson will describe how he will perform your surgery and answer any questions you may have. Because this procedure won’t lift sagging eyebrows, erase dark circles and completely eliminate fine lines or crow’s feet, Dr. Robinson may suggest you consider combining your blepharoplasty with a forehead lift or facelift to further enhance the outcome.

Surgical techniques to achieve your desired outcome

Dr. Robinson performs eyelifts in an hour or two at Pacific Hills Surgery Center using local or general anesthesia.

For upper eyelid surgery, he will make incisions in the lines and creases where your skin naturally folds to minimize the appearance of scars. For surgery on your lower lids, Dr. Robinson will make inconspicuous incisions along your lash lines and in your smile creases. He will remove or reposition fat deposits, tighten muscles and tissue, remove excess skin, and then close the incisions with ultra fine sutures designed to further reduce scarring.

If Dr. Robinson is correcting puffiness below your eyes, he’ll remove excess fatty material through hidden incisions inside your lower lids which he’ll close with dissolvable sutures.

Recuperating after your Eyelid Surgery

When your surgery is complete, Dr. Robinson may place small, sterile bandages over your stitches, which he will remove within three to five days at a follow-up appointment. He will advise you to apply cold compresses and keep your head elevated when lying down to enhance healing and minimize discomfort.

It’s normal for your face to appear puffy and slightly bruised after surgery, especially within the first 24 hours. You also may experience some tenderness around your eyes, which can be easily controlled with mild pain medication.

You can expect to resume your normal activities in about a week or ten days. You may be cleared to resume moderate exercise as soon as two weeks after surgery, but you should refrain from strenuous physical activity for several weeks until your eyes have healed completely.

Expected results from this procedure

Interior incisions aren’t visible after surgery and the tiny incisions around your eyes should fade completely over time when properly cared for and protected from the sun.

The majority of swelling and bruising around your eyes should rapidly subside and you’ll notice you look more alert and well-rested in as few as three months. Because it takes time for tissue to heal completely, it can take several months for your eyes to fully reveal their rejuvenated appearance. Dr. Robinson will advise you to use sun protection and wear dark glasses when you’re outside until the healing process is fully complete.

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