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Mohs Reconstructive Surgery Aliso Viejo

Mohs micrographic reconstructive surgery for skin cancer
Can my skin cancer be removed without scarring my face?
When to consider Mohs reconstructive facial surgery

Our balmy climate provides the opportunity for Southern Californians to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. While engaging in healthy pursuits like golfing, surfing, hiking, running, playing tennis, working in the garden, walking your dog or riding your bike can keep you physically fit, spending too much time outdoors also increases your risk of developing skin cancer, especially on areas most often exposed to the sun’s damaging rays.

Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are the most commonly diagnosed forms of cancer in the United States, affecting one in five Americans during their lifetime. Unlike elsewhere on the body, cancerous growths removed from the face, neck, chest and shoulders are not easily hidden from view. For this reason, many patients choose to have their skin cancer treated by Dr. Robinson, who is specially trained to perform the highly specialized Mohs surgical procedure, which involves removing affected tissue and cosmetically repairing the surgical wound to achieve both a very high cure rate and aesthetically pleasing results.

Dr. Ernest B. Robinson is a board-certified specialist in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery with more than 20 years of experience performing individualized cosmetic and corrective surgical procedures for patients from Aliso Viejo, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest and Mission Viejo in Orange County and beyond. If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer on your face, neck, chest or shoulders, please contact Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery in Aliso Viejo to request an immediate consultation. Call, email or complete this form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robinson to determine if Mohs reconstructive surgery is the recommended treatment for your skin cancer diagnosis.

Communicating your goals for this procedure

Dr. Robinson has extensive experience performing Mohs micrographic surgery, also called MMS and chemosurgery, on his patients with skin cancer. Developed by a general surgeon named Dr. Frederic E. Mohs in the 1930s, this microscopic surgery became a revolutionary technique for removing common types of skin cancer. Nearly a century later, Mohs surgery still provides the most precise method for removing certain types of cancerous tissue on the face, neck, chest or shoulders, as well as recurrent skin cancers and those with the greatest likelihood of recurrence. In fact, Mohs surgery still offers the lowest recurrence and maximum preservation of healthy tissue of any skin cancer procedure available.

Mohs surgery has been shown to be a highly effective procedure for treating skin cancer, with documented cure rates of up to 99 percent for basal cell carcinoma. (Clinical quotes for cure rates are slightly lower for patients with squamous cell carcinoma.) By using the Mohs technique, Dr. Robinson is able to minimize the surgical site (wound) and preserve the greatest amount of healthy tissue, which significantly reduces scarring from reconstructive surgery.

During your consultation appointment, Dr. Robinson will discuss the many factors involved in successfully removing and repairing cancerous growths, including size, depth, location, probable cure rate and realistic expectations for cosmetic repair. After taking your complete medical history and examining your skin cancer, Dr. Robinson will describe how he will perform your Mohs surgery to remove the growth, as well as the type of repair that may be necessary. Dr. Robinson will answer any questions you may have about Mohs surgery and show you before and after pictures of similar procedures he has performed.

Surgical techniques to achieve your desired outcome

Mohs surgery is the preferred treatment for skin cancers on the face, nose, lips and chest as the amount of healthy tissue removed is kept to a minimum without compromising the removal of cancerous cells. In order to increase the chance of a successful medical and aesthetic outcome, Dr. Robinson prescribes medication to his Mohs patients before and during the course of treatment to enhance healing and minimize the chance of infection.

He uses local anesthesia for the procedure, which can take from 30 minutes to two hours and usually is performed in-office at Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery. (Dr. Robinson performs more extensive surgeries at Pacific Hills Surgery Center.) The surgery is a multi-step process that involves removing the skin cancer, interpreting the results and repairing the surgical site.

First, Dr. Robinson will remove the growth in one piece and examine it under a microscope to ensure no abnormal cells remain at the edge of the removed tissue. (If necessary, he will repeat this procedure until no more cancerous cells are found.) When Dr. Robinson has determined that all margins are free of skin cancer, he will use flaps or grafts, depending on the extent of repair necessary, to reconstruct the affected area and skillfully restore its natural appearance.

Recuperating after Mohs Reconstructive Facial Surgery

Prior to leaving the office, you will be given specific instructions for caring for your wound to ensure rapid healing and the best possible cosmetic outcome. Most patients experience little post-surgical pain, which is easily treated with mild medication. Dr. Robinson will remove your stitches a week after the surgery; you can go back to work within a few days of the procedure, but depending on the extent and location of the surgery, you may wish to take off a little more time.

Expected results from this procedure

The chief purpose of skin cancer reconstructive surgery is to effectively and safely repair the surgical wound, re-establishing the natural form and function of your delicate facial areas. Dr. Robinson’s specialized training in the Mohs technique has made him one of Orange County’s most sought after surgeons who perform reconstructive surgery, especially among patients with larger defects and those who have lesions that may affect areas of cosmetic significance such as the eyelids, lips, ears, chest and nose. He has earned a reputation for his meticulous skin closure techniques that create imperceptible scars and optimal outcomes, factors vitally important to his skin cancer patients.


 If you live in Southern California, you should know about Mohs skin cancer procedures. Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery provides expert Mohs skin cancer removal surgery. Call (949) 831-5900 or use our convenient Request an Appointment form to learn more.


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Dr. Robinson changed my life. He was recommended to me as I had never had any type of work done and he exceeded my expectations. The procedures that Dr. Robinson performed clearly took 15 years off. I am 55 and I constantly get shocked responses from people who think I am 15 years younger. The work was subtle and my experience with the surgery and the healing process was very positive. I cannot thank Dr. Robinson enough for giving me back my youth.

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