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Facial Plastic Surgery Team


Summer Stifter – Patient Care Coordinator/Surgical Consultant

Summer StifterSummer is Dr. Ernest B. Robinson’s Patient Care Coordinator and Surgical Consultant. She works closely with Dr. Ernest B. Robinson to provide each patient the education, quality care, and guidance through the non-surgical and surgical experience. She will be the person to help answer questions, explain procedures, offer further guidance, quote fees and schedule surgery or treatments. She can also answer questions regarding financing and help patients pre-qualify for procedures. From your first question to the day of your procedure, she will provide you with valuable information to ensure you feel at ease during your visit and experience with Dr. Ernest B. Robinson


Marivic Robinson – Cosmetic RN Injector

Marivic RobinsonMarivic is Dr. Ernest Robinson’s Cosmetic Nurse and Office Manager. Marivic performs Botox, Juvederm, Voluma and Restylane procedures. She performs Laser hair removal, IPL, and medical Chemical peel treatments. One of her goals as a nurse is to educate patients about the variety of non-surgical procedures and of their benefits for anti-aging; and the importance of routine skincare to maintain the overall health and beauty of the skin. The other goal is to ensure that patient’s have a positive, nurturing and pleasant experience during their appointment with Dr. Ernest B. Robinson.


Natalie Landsman - Office Receptionist

Marivic RobinsonNatalie Landsman is Dr. Ernest. B. Robinson’s Office receptionist. She is responsible to answer the phones and is the first person to greet patients and welcome them to the office. She is also happy to help patients with the registration process and answer any questions.

The receptionist is always available to help schedule appointments, follow-ups, and treatments. She is knowledgeable about all procedures performed by Dr. Robinson and can also answer questions pertaining to before and after care of treatments. She is happy to escort patients to meet with Dr. Ernest Robinson in the treatment rooms and provide any pre-application treatments to each patient. Patient’s comfort and enjoyment while seeing Dr. Ernest B. Robinson is the receptionist main concern.

Conrad Robinson


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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Robinson changed my life...

Dr. Robinson changed my life. He was recommended to me as I had never had any type of work done and he exceeded my expectations. The procedures that Dr. Robinson performed clearly took 15 years off. I am 55 and I constantly get shocked responses from people who think I am 15 years younger. The work was subtle and my experience with the surgery and the healing process was very positive. I cannot thank Dr. Robinson enough for giving me back my youth.

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  • Browlift / Forehead Lift

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    Browlift / Forehead Lift
  • Eyelid Lift

    It's said that your eyes are the window to your soul. If heavy eyelids due to genetics or aging make you look more sleepy than expressive...

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  • Nose Surgery

    People who consider having cosmetic nasal surgery are motivated by a variety of very personal reasons. After all...

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  • Chin Implant

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  • Ear Pinning

    No other facial feature seems quite as obvious as protruding ears, especially on young children. Even the toughest cookies can become self-conscious...

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  • Mohs Reconstructive Surgery

    Our balmy climate provides the opportunity for Southern Californians to enjoy outdoor activities year-round...

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